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Anglicare Southern Queensland is an Anglican not-for-profit organisation providing care and support services.

We are a proud member of the Anglicare Australia network.

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A home-away-from-homelessness

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The notion of homelessness can conjure up images of someone sleeping rough on a park bench or lining up for a welcome hot cuppa at a street van.

These people who are homeless are more visible, however they are just the tip of the iceberg of the homeless crisis across Queensland. Today, there are approximately as many homeless women as there are men in our community. But they are largely invisible. They have to be, to survive.

Women who are sleeping rough are far more vulnerable than men...
vulnerable to violence and to exploitation.

While women make up 60% of all homeless people, there are 10 times more beds for homeless men in Brisbane than for women. Every month Anglicare turns away approximately 150 women from its existing accommodation, an inequity that we aim to turn around.

"It takes a lot of courage for someone who is homeless to reach out for help. And there's nothing more devastating than when we have to turn them away. Do you know how hard it is to tell them 'no'... to tell them we simply don't have room? Of course, we refer them to other agencies, and help where we can, but our staff are forced to turn away around 150 women every month. It's just not right."

Carol Birrell: Group Manager, Anglicare Homelessness Services

That's why Anglicare Southern Queensland has built a new accommodation facility at our homelessness services for women and children site at Toowong, where safe housing for women has been provided for 93 years. The new facility includes 24 accommodation rooms for women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

The cost to build and fit out is $6.4m.

This page provides details about the new accommodation, its scope, design and construction timelines. Through the survey button below you can share your views and feedback directly with us.

Most of all, we value your understanding and support for the women who are the focus of this project. For many reasons they've been caught in the homelessness trap – family breakdown, unemployment and poverty, physical and mental health issues and domestic violence. 

What if you – or someone you know and love – had your house repossessed; or through illness or injury lost your job and the ability to find another; had to flee your own home to escape relentless violence? What if you were struggling with mental illness and found yourself on the streets having to choose between paying rent or paying for your medication?

For many Brisbane women, Anglicare is one of their only options for assistance. Your support for this new home-away-from-homelessness will help break the cycle and give women in need the support and hope that can turn their lives around.


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