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Selena’s story

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Selena's mother passed away when she was young and her life at home with Dad and a series of partners was full of conflict.

Living in a depressing environment led to Selena moving out of home at a young age. She soon found herself pregnant and moved in with her partner. When she had her baby girl Lily,
she felt isolated, and had no family support.

Selena wanted to be a good Mum, but had no Mum of her own for guidance. She went to Anglicare for help. Anglicare enrolled her into the Mums and Bubs program.

"I don't know what I would have done without Mums and Bubs. I was depressed and lonely and struggling with the baby, but now I have friends, and somewhere to go for guidance and support. I have learnt so much," Selena said.