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Care Solutions

Anglicare Southern Queensland is an Anglican not-for-profit organisation providing care and support services.

We are a proud member of the Anglicare Australia network.


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Getting Started

Before we start services we will meet with you and your support people to develop an individualised plan

Why plan?

We undertake planning so we can tailor our service to every person we support. Individual planning is our chance to understand how you want us to work with you and what we need to know in order to provide a great service.

As reflected in our service principles a great service will do more than keep you safe and meet basic needs. A great service is one that helps you connect to your hopes and aspirations whether we are providing 24 hour support, or just a few hours a week.

The individual support plan will guide us every day as we work with you, by reminding us of where you want to head, and how we can help.

How should planning feel?

Planning should feel as natural and informal as possible while acknowledging the realities of service provision including as cost and risk.

We believe meaningful planning always starts with establishing a sense of connection and trust. We know that connecting with each person is different. Some people are quick to share information about themselves, and keen to tell their story in detail. With others it can takes a number of meetings before conversation flows more easily. Our approach to planning allows for this connection to happen naturally. Planning doesn’t have to occur in one session. We will work with you at your pace.

Things to think about before planning

It is often a good idea to reflect on what is important to you prior to a connecting with a host provider. This will help you think about how you want to use your funding and who is the best provider to support you. We have developed this Pre-Planning workbook which may be helpful.

Click here to download the planning tool.

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